Monday, November 24, 2008


So I have to tell a little story about something funny my daughter said yesterday. We went for a drive into the mountains to take our yearly family pictures and while we were there Elaina had to go potty. Well, we couldn't really just let her drop down in the snow so we drove a bit until we found one of those nasty, stinky, cold outhouses and decided to stop there. We went inside and of course she was very afraid that she would fall in the stinky hole so I had to hold onto her as she went. Than I decided that I needed to go so I told Elaina to stay there while I went. I sat down and Laina said "You don't need someone to hold you, do you mommy?" I said "No" she than said "I wish I had a big butt like yours." I asked her why she would want my butt. She than told me that if she did than she wouldn't fall in either. You have to love what kids say. I told someday she will have a big butt like mine and she will wish didn't.

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A.C.K. Family said...

That kills me!!! Kaitlynn says stuff like that too. The other day she saw me get out of the shower and said,"Mom, I like your boobs" I told her I used to like them too before I had kids. She didn't get it, she will.