Thursday, March 19, 2009

So I am really counting down the days now. I am down to 26 days. And the good news is that I get to get induced on the 8th of April so I am looking at only 3 more weeks. Yippee!
I convinced my doctor to start me early so that Andrew could be there. He is now working in Wyoming so it is not like I can just call him up and say "Hey honey, we are having a baby." And him making it home on time. So the doctor said he would do an ultra sound on the 3rd just to make sure that she was big enough, but since she is measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule I am not worried about it. I am just hoping that she will wait that long. Wish me luck, it is getting really close!!!

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Richard and Allison said...

Congrats Lisa. That is exciting that it is so close now.